A parody on death

Death like so many other ideas is viewed in so many different ways.

Religion, culture, science, and even politics offer a spectrum of interpretations or views on it. It could be an escape, an excuse,  a salvation, a weapon, an argument, a point, a process, a form of control, a statement, even an entertainment.

Death is one of those things that never fail to put us in a Is this it? situation. It is so plain and simple and yet we couldn’t comprehend it.

Or wouldn’t.


Flash mob with the Big Bang!

Ok, ok. Oppa Gangnam style is the current hit and Call Me Maybe is so yesterday. But when four geniuses and a hot blond do it, it’s a sure-fire formula to be a hit.

That’s what happens when the cast and crew of my favorite TV series, The Big Bang Theory, scatters to the floor and all together shake their buns to Carley Rae Jepsen’s Call Me Maybe. In just three days from it was uploaded on Youtube, it reached over five million billions. Now that’s really something especially when the consciousness of the general public is still up in the clouds of the Gangnam heaven.

And dear Shelly simply nailed it with his signature Bazinga statement right at the end.

This is couch love.



Bioman Theme Translation (Warning: May contain offensive lines)

Humor is subjective. Intent is hard to prove. It pays to always to give the benefit of the doubt.

I find this video very funny and I bet you will try to sing along yourself. Other people might get offended. So, here I state clearly: it’s just to poke at a serious, crazy life. Kudos to those who exerted effort just to make this. Either they’re so bored or a borderline genius. Had a really good, jaw-aching, tummy-quashing laugh.

Humor is subjective. Intent is hard to prove. It pays also to get a life of your own instead of nosing in on others.

Tee hee hee.