A lead Pinoy tech startup should follow

When Illiac Diaz introduced the solar bottle to the poor households in the Philippines I thought the Pinoy tech startup community will take hint. Unfortunately, as of the moment none has followed. Generally, most Pinoy tech startups are still on the social media/mobile app whirlpool. Perhaps one more lead is needed. This is where the gravity-powered lamp comes in.

The GravityLight

A British company invented an electric light that runs by hanging a sandbag (or any weight for that matter) which through the aid of gravity runs a dynamo within the device. The dynamo in turn produces the electricity to power the light. An ingenious piece of work given that gravity is free and never runs out. They intend to distribute it in Africa and India.

So why not the Philippines, too?

But anyway, the real point here is that this is the kind of things the Philippines need, particularly those in the impoverished sector. Things that doesn’t cost much, relatively simple to operate, and creates a domino effect of positive results.

Read the full article here:

Mantra for 2013

A reminder to my future self

“Magic does exist. It is real and incessant. It is compelled by a force so powerful that abstract concepts — acceptance, kindness, peace, contentment — become empirical as a heartbeat. Acceptance is a friend who listens but does not give advice — not yet…”

[Credit to Nico Paolo Arguelles]

Ayala lights

A future father’s & current uncle’s promise to keep

At this point in my life, I am both excited and dreadful to the idea of becoming a parent. I see it as the conclusion of one’s purpose in life. All the learning we acquired (and missed), with all the chiseling & sanding we went through, leads to this point when we will eventually chisel and sand the life of another and of which is from our own. Failing on this is one the few greatest fears I’ve been keeping.

I’ve been given a preview or a taste-test of how it would be when my dear nephew arrived. So since being an uncle (given the loopy state of my episodic romance)  is the nearest to my being a father I am making this promise to our dear Lucas hoping one day when he reaches a point of doubting our solemn love, he will be consolingly reminded.

Promise to my children

[I give credit to the original creator of this piece. So direct yet so sincere.]

As true as love could get

I’m a such a sucker for wedding videos. And i’m such a big fan of Jason Magbanua. I follow each new video that he posts on his site. I devour each; dissecting its technicalities, aesthetics, techniques and methods. Often times, I missed out on the couples. After all, that’s the one thing common to all of the videos – two individuals in-love.

Until this video.

The approach was straightforward. Nothing much on flare or fancies (well, except for the 3D view of the rings). The magic and uniqueness of this video is with the couple themselves. No need to exaggerate or emphasize anything. Unique just as they are.

Indeed, as true as love could get.

Are you an Artist in waiting?

“They told you to get your résumé in order, to punch your ticket, to fit in, and to follow
instructions. They told you to swallow your pride, not to follow your dream.”

One young, brilliant individual who I came to know during my stint at the DOST-UP Enterprise Center for Technopreneurship posted this in Facebook. Clicking on it led me not to a site but to a sight – an  affirmation of a gut feel that I’ve tried so long to dismiss.

If you are among the many who are at the crossroads of their life, dragging your heart together with your foot, then perhaps Art is the way you should go.

I couldn’t give a discussion or position yet on We Are All Artists Now by Seth Godin as I’m currently in the middle of chewing and digesting it. All I can say is that the fist few pages already got me blazing. Perhaps you could do the same and we could exchange ideas.

Click on the link and allow your eyes be opened further.


A parody on death

Death like so many other ideas is viewed in so many different ways.

Religion, culture, science, and even politics offer a spectrum of interpretations or views on it. It could be an escape, an excuse,  a salvation, a weapon, an argument, a point, a process, a form of control, a statement, even an entertainment.

Death is one of those things that never fail to put us in a Is this it? situation. It is so plain and simple and yet we couldn’t comprehend it.

Or wouldn’t.