A lead Pinoy tech startup should follow

When Illiac Diaz introduced the solar bottle to the poor households in the Philippines I thought the Pinoy tech startup community will take hint. Unfortunately, as of the moment none has followed. Generally, most Pinoy tech startups are still on the social media/mobile app whirlpool. Perhaps one more lead is needed. This is where the gravity-powered lamp comes in.

The GravityLight

A British company invented an electric light that runs by hanging a sandbag (or any weight for that matter) which through the aid of gravity runs a dynamo within the device. The dynamo in turn produces the electricity to power the light. An ingenious piece of work given that gravity is free and never runs out. They intend to distribute it in Africa and India.

So why not the Philippines, too?

But anyway, the real point here is that this is the kind of things the Philippines need, particularly those in the impoverished sector. Things that doesn’t cost much, relatively simple to operate, and creates a domino effect of positive results.

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Mantra for 2013

A reminder to my future self

“Magic does exist. It is real and incessant. It is compelled by a force so powerful that abstract concepts — acceptance, kindness, peace, contentment — become empirical as a heartbeat. Acceptance is a friend who listens but does not give advice — not yet…”

[Credit to Nico Paolo Arguelles]

Ayala lights