A future father’s & current uncle’s promise to keep

At this point in my life, I am both excited and dreadful to the idea of becoming a parent. I see it as the conclusion of one’s purpose in life. All the learning we acquired (and missed), with all the chiseling & sanding we went through, leads to this point when we will eventually chisel and sand the life of another and of which is from our own. Failing on this is one the few greatest fears I’ve been keeping.

I’ve been given a preview or a taste-test of how it would be when my dear nephew arrived. So since being an uncle (given the loopy state of my episodic romance)  is the nearest to my being a father I am making this promise to our dear Lucas hoping one day when he reaches a point of doubting our solemn love, he will be consolingly reminded.

Promise to my children

[I give credit to the original creator of this piece. So direct yet so sincere.]


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