Legaspi, Albay (25-28 October 2012): A quick trip

The last two weeks of October have been very busy for me and my team. While finishing a due output for an earlier project, we were asked to do an on-site video project in Legaspi, Albay. We really couldn’t say no despite our plate being already loaded since the bride is a former supervisor of my team’s only female member.

It somehow turned out to be a good decision (somehow) on our part because we were able to discuss on a lot of things regarding the team’s plans and I get to have the change of environment I so deserved.

The project wasn’t smooth though. We almost weren’t able to deliver when one of the cameras’ LCD screen got damaged. In shooting video using DSLR, the there is no other way of ‘seeing’ your footage other than LCD screen, unlike with camcorders where you can also use the eyepiece. Our female member panicked and couldn’t get her composure. I had to do a last minute and drastic change on our workflow just to get things through. It was quite a challenge managing both technical and emotional concerns all at the same, and at a very tight timeframe. Good thing the couple was amazingly nice and accommodating.

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Our last day was spent on food trip galore and a bit of adventure. We really couldn’t go to a lot of places since our trip back to Manila was already booked. We just had to settle with those places we could quickly reach. Among the many foods we tried out, I find Colonials’ Sili Ice Cream and Bigg’s burgers unforgettable. We visited Cagsawa and Lignon Hill and a number of fantastic churches, including the wedding church, St. Gregory the Great Cathedral. I tried out the zip line atop the Lignon Hill spiderman-style and boy did it feel so great. My team agreed, the next we do it we are going to wear superhero costumes.

Overall, Legaspi is not on top of my list of tourist destinations. But it’s definitely on top of the list of the places I want to retire to. The nice people and the good food, coupled with clean, nature-centric environment makes it a fitting place to recover one’s self after years and years of professional toil. Add also the fact that from there, you can reach a number of other amazing places in the Bicol region; Caramoan, Donsol, Masbate, Naga, and Virac among many others.

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We haven’t really decided on which platform to use for our video projects, but here’s a link to our Legaspi SDE project.


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