Ang Sabi Nila by William Elvin

It never ceases to amaze me whenever I get to come across original and ingenius piece of  works that have not reached commercial success yet.

Such is the case of Ang Sabi Nila by William Elvin. I don’t really know William Elvin nor have heard of his other works. All I know is that the first time I heard the song I sincerely loved it. It has depth and soul. In layman, may pinaghuhugutan.

This leads to the question why something so good has not reached commercial success, or at least presence? I guess the nearest answer would be the one from an OPM icon himself, Ely Buendia.

“This whole “death of OPM” thing is an imagined state of affairs that has been made semi-acceptable by the fact that right now people consider any kind of new music that fails to live up to the past in terms of sales or cultural impact a failure. This is what makes me depressed. And you should be too. I can name ten bands out there who are making vital, exciting music. You’ve never heard of them, they don’t sell gold records, but who says they should?” 


I’m hoping to bump into more of these brilliant, unheralded creations and creators.



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