Official – The new iPad Mini!

Rumors have been going around for the past months about Apple’s upcoming product set to rival either the Kindle Fire, the Google Nexus, the Samsung Note, and the list goes on. Remember that iPhone prototype lost by an employee in a bar story? Apple, as it is, is so good in playing out this ‘when there’s smoke, there’s fire’ game so whenever something like it circulates, you can bet they are into something. You can bet, too, Apple themselves started it. and finally, the iPad Mini is here with all its technological glory.

Judging from the official trailer which you can check out right after the jump, you can deduce Apple’s usual strategy of taking on something that’s already in the market and claiming either as its own or wide-margin superiority over the first rollers. Yet, one way or the other, it is quite obvious that Apple is playing catch up on a market segment they’ve ignored for quite a while – a misstep from their proclaimed ability to come up with stuff the market haven’t thought of needing/wanting but will eventually sought.

Technically, there isn’t much difference between the 10-inch iPad and the iPad Mini (pegged at 7.9 inches) aside from screen sizes. So buying the latter will only depend on comfortability and mobility considerations, plus that few extra cash they could save.

Those who know me might find this a shock for I’m not really an Apple fan (nor a hater mind you) despite owning at least 2 Apple products (3 if you include the Time Capsule which is a household wi-fi access and file-sharing router) and a bit least to get excited over announcements from the Cupertino company . Yet, the release of the iPad Mini will refresh the already tight competition between the rival brands and it is quite exciting to see how the market will get stirred.


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