Of Saints and Churches

Last weekend, October 20, I, along with my team, were invited to hold a workshop on basic photography by the youth ministry of the Archdiocese of Antipolo. Held at the Good Shepherd Spiritual Center in Antipolo, it was a whole day event celebrating the canonization of the Philippine’s second saint, Saint Pedro Calungsod.

We enjoyed so much the workshop. My team saw the eagerness in the eyes of the young audience the same eagerness we had when we were just starting. It was in the middle of our lecture that we realized, the team, has already veered away from our roots focusing more on weddings and events. By the end of the workshop, we all agreed, and vowed, to include coverage of church activities and religious celebrations in our monthly schedules.

It was a taxing day but I couldn’t hide my happiness. First, with the warm reception and positive feedback we have received from the audience and organizer. Second, is that my team is evolving to a socially-conscious and God-centered kind, re-affirming that ours is not a purely profit-oriented group but of one that follows a higher calling.

Indeed, as what others have commented, our progress is slow. Not for the lack of ability. But because we want to make sure the direction we are threading is where we will receive the true, fulfilling blessings.

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