Admission is no excuse!

Ang [insert self-incriminating* adjective or noun here] ko talaga, hehehe…

I just don’t get it! That magpaka-totoo thingy. I just don’t.

People just seemed to accept their faults and not really do something about it. The worst part is they would actually brandish it like they are even proud they are the embodiment of such fault(s). It is common now to hear people say (or see people post), for example, ‘Ang bitchy ko talaga. Hahaha.’ or ‘Sorry na, low EQ talaga ako e.’

Again, admission to a fault or imperfection does not excuse anyone and does not give you the right to proceed with the deed. It does not mean that when you confess to be a bitch, a primadonna, an OC, whatsoever, Β it necessarily follows you can go on behaving like one at the expense of others. In fact, it’s actually the reverse. You allow people to treat you as what you have openly declared. Admission does not, for whatever reason, elevates your status.

This Magpaka-totoo statement entails a lot of self-assessment and honesty. It is for those situations when unnecessary norms, practices, or habits gets in the way of success, efficiency, practicality, and positivity. A classic example is why spend a month-worth of salary just to celebrate a birthday? (Then you go declaring when the bills start to come in, ‘Sorry naman, ang galante ko kasi.’

Maturity is starting to become a rarity these days. Self-expression ends where the responsibility and accountability begins.


2 thoughts on “Admission is no excuse!

  1. This is so true!:) However, I would like to add to your thoughts. Maybe, well just maybe, some people proudly admit and declare their faults, but deep inside, they are fervently hoping that others would tell them otherwise. Fishing for compliments perhaps? Wahahaha πŸ˜€

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